The Power of Vision – Part 1

In order to have church health (and growth) present, effective leadership must be present.  It isn’t really leadership itself or the personality of the leader that moves the church forward, but the natural outworking or the application of the leadership gift within the person/leader.  It is what good leaders natural do that produces and sustains momentum.

Effective leadership always expresses itself in two ways:  vision and faith.

Vision Formation

The formation of vision is a solo project.  Vision is not formed in a committee or team nor is it formed in collaboration.  Multiple forces of vision input creates di-vision, and this will lead to lack of clarity, momentum and division.

Vision formation begins with dreaming.  Dreaming is easy for most, but turning dreams into an attainable vision is the work of leadership.  Vision is the ability to see what God wants to do in and through a group of people.  The leader sees the future.

Vision has everything to do with spiritual sight, Dr. Yonggi Cho states, “Dreams and visions are the language of the Holy Spirit.”  In other words the Holy Spirit speaks to you regarding your realms of authority through dreams and visions as we fellowship with Him.

It is important for the pastor/leader to understand realms of authority.  When we understand biblical ecclesiology, we understand that we are under shepherds (under the authority of Jesus) shepherding His people.  Shepherds have a vision and direction for the flock (from the Chief Shepherd) and therefore lead.  Shepherds do not receive their vision from a committee of sheep.  I understand many pastors find themselves in established churches with faulty and disempowering leadership structures, that is why it is imperative for pastors to have biblical leadership paradigms and disciple, educate, and lead their congregations in what is biblical rather than in, “what has always been done.”  Bottom line:  LEADERS LEAD.

A leader filled with vision can look beyond small numbers, financial difficulty and the impossibilities of the present and see, with clarity and passion, the future as it has already come to pass.

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