Leaders create culture

Every organization/church has a culture that is unique.  The question is never whether your church has a culture but rather what is the culture?  As the leader if I cannot answer that question that means the culture of my church has been created by default rather than intentionally.  When culture is created by default the most dysfunctional parts of the organization create it.  This is true in every organization and in particularly the church.

The dictionary defines Culture as shared beliefs and values of a group, people with shared beliefs and practices shared attitudes, a particular set of attitudes that characterizes a group of people.  This is not to be confused with people simply agreeing on the same doctrine etc. but rather unity around purpose and the things that we hold dear and a unity on the main purpose of the church and how you are called to fulfill that.

Culture creating is probably one of the most important tasks of the leader.  Leaders often try to cast vision within a culture that cannot sustain that vision.  The health of the church/organization is determined by the culture.

Culture has to be developed intentionally through establishing truths and core values.  Culture establishes boundaries for people; culture determines whom you draw and who stays with you.  As leaders what we tolerate will dominate, what we tolerate creates the culture and therefore I will get more of what I allowed.

If you as the leader do not like the culture of your church then begin to change it.  Pastor, ask yourself the question, “If I was not the pastor would I still attend this church?”  Unfortunately for many the answer is no.  If that’s the case ask yourself the question why?  This begins to give you the things that often point to things in the culture of your church that need to be changed.  At this point I can hear the argument from well meaning pastors who say, “but it’s not about what I like but the people I am shepherding.”  Wrong!  You cannot effectively lead something you don’t like and connect with.  God always works though leaders that He calls to lead HIS church.  If God has called you to lead your church then He has called you because of YOUR unique mix of gifts, anointing, personality, and experiences.

It may seem overwhelming but start with simple steps.  Start with the easiest things to change first and let that create the moment for further change.  Your present culture wasn’t created overnight neither will it change overnight….but start now and the momentum to create a culture that will advance the kingdom will be established in your church.

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